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How to choose the right hair color?

Choose your color:
How do you choose your color?
Possibility 1
You choose your color from the colour chart. Every brand has its own colour chart. We did our utmost to display the colours as good as possible. Though you must consider that the colours on screen can vary from reality.
Tip! Print out the colour chart to help you with your colour choise.
Possibility 2
Our service also offers the possibility to sens us a sample of your hair so that we can choose the right colour for your desired wig/hairpiece. (Clic here for the form)
Possibility 3
You can buy a colour chart, available per brand.
(see accessories)
Possibility 4
We can borrow you a colour chart, you only have to pay a € 50 warranty which we return to you after we received the colour chart back in good state. Transportcosts are at the expense of the customer.
(via contact)