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What are synthetic wigs?

The hair consists of a synthetic fibre. The advantage is tha these wigs are very light. Earlier a short model could weigh up to 100 grams. Nowadays there are model of only 40 grams!
Not only the weight, but also the models are evolved! Synthetic hairpieces/wigs can barely be differentiated from real hair! Furthermore, the maintenance of a synthetic hairpiece/wig is very easy.


Synthetic wigs


"Ready to go" – synthetic-hair wigs come ready styled.
The wigs retain their original look even after washing.
Value for money.
Low maintenance.
Large choice of models.


The hair cannot take any heat.
You have to decide between straight or curly hair and the hairstyle cannot then be changed.
The wigs do not last as long as human-hair wigs (around a year).
Can only be washed with a special shampoo.