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Dante Flip 42 cm body wave

Dante Flip 42 cm body wave

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The Dante couture you can compare with about 150 hair extensions and the results is beautiful. Would you like long and full hair and do you have that do not naturally, then you can choose for the Dante Couture would you like only occasionally a fuller head of hair or longer, for example for a party? Then there is a solution: the Dante Couture. Dante Couture: get a full head of hair within 1 minute


The Dante Couture is a lightweight hair piece, for quick and easy and invisible under your own hair. As you get within a minute over a longer or fuller head of hair. Unlike extensions is the Dante Couture not attached to your natural hair. There are therefore no micro rings, braids or clips. This makes the Dante Couture totally harmless for your own hair, and is ideal if you treat your hair temporarily some rest.


The Dante Couture is available in 3 different lengths, 2 structures (straight and Body wave) and a wide range of colors. There are more than 20 color variations, which seamlessly fit in with your natural hair.


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