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Dante special Weft 50 x 50cm Body wave

Dante special Weft 50 x 50cm Body wave
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Dante's Special Wefts are machine made.
The Wefts are reusable and great for a quick hair addition.
The Wefts are several ways to confirm her include using Micro Rings or sewing.


Hair length: 50 cmWeft Width: 50 cmThese hairs have a beautiful natural curl


The Wefts Dante's Special consist of the highest quality real human hair. Therefore, they provide the most natural and beautiful look.
The quality of Remy hair is dependent on the origin of the hair and how it is processed. In the case of Remy the hair scales are not removed as is the case with many other types of Wefts.
They are kept intact, and then scales all be put in one direction.
This leaves lifelong remy hair natural, soft feel like silk and remains moreover tangle free.


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